Cabbage Town Home, 370 Sumach

Progress: Completed Fall 2020

Timeframe: 3 Months

Total Cost: >$500,000

Square Footage: N/A

The Homeowner was having heating and cooling issues with his existing home. The home was constructed in the late sixties or early seventies and has a glass block dome. In the summer, the dome heats the house to extremely uncomfortable temperatures. This creates costly cooling bills for the Owner. The Architect and Engineers on the project had proposed a full exterior renovation to remove the existing glass dome that was located in the rear of the house. This would combine brick, stucco, and new windows that would span the main and second floor. 

Our client had negative experiences with contractors on previous home renovations. Proma was hired to conduct a formal Request for Proposal process to ensure the right Contractor was selected for this project. After reviewing the project requirements, Proma proposed several Contractors to the Owner. The Owner selected four contractors to proceed with the RFP process. Proma ensured that all bids were provided in a comparable format allowing for easy review and identification of discrepancies. We ensure all relevant scope, Insurance, Ministry of Labour requirements, executing requirements, start-up and closeout documents are specified. In addition, we provide a high-level timeline to ensure success and decreased risk to the homeowners. We ensure all updated Ontario Lien Laws and Prompt-Payment requirements are also specified along with what is deemed as a “Proper Invoice” for payment. We provided a detailed bid analysis review to the homeowners and walked them through our recommendation for award. We also review how and why we are putting forward the recommended contractor. This goes beyond the bottom-line price. We review previous history, financial health of the business, ability to perform the work, insurance amounts, and a clear understanding of the scope to avoid potential change orders. 

Upon discussion and approval with the homeowners, Proma provided a Letter of Intent to the Contractor to initiate start-up documents. Proma recommended and oversaw the collection of all key start-up documents prior to the contractor performing work. The goal here is to hire the right person for the job and reduce as much risk as possible on behalf of the homeowners. The homeowner was very satisfied with the cost of work and the selected Contractor.