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Management for residential projects can be both rewarding and challenging. Proma understands that homeowners need a professional to help them through the often complex world of construction.

Our Expertise

At Proma, we recognize that Residential Construction can be overwhelming for Homeowners as they navigate unfamiliar territory with a wide variety of options and costs. Alternatively, Developers looking to undertake a large multi-unit development can benefit from a one-point-of- responsibility model Acting as an Owner’s Representative and Construction Project Management consultant, Proma offers varying degrees of involvement and guidance to aid Homeowners and Developers in executing their project goals. At a minimum, Proma can ensure fair procurement processes, strong contracts, fair pricing, clear deliverables, and detailed execution schedules. Proma customizes our involvement in each residential undertaking to ensure a high return on investment for the Owners and Developers.

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Case Studies


370 Sumach, Cabbage Town

February 3, 2021

159 Varsity Road

February 3, 2021


Marisa's in-depth knowledge of how to manage and execute a project successfully is our secret weapon. When given the opportunity, Marisa manages our projects from initiation into successful execution. Her knowledge spans both residential and commercial projects. Her skills and expertise keep our projects on schedule and budget regardless of the project's complexity.

Natalie TalebSquare VIS Architects

Marisa was the Project Manager for a heritage home in Cabbage town that was undergoing a rear facade demolition and re-design. Marisa reviewed the project site constraints and provided a seamless bidding and award process that made our client feel comfortable we had the right people for the job.

Natalie TalebSquare VIS Architects

Marisa helped us tender our home addition project in 2020. At that time, we only had the architectural drawings and didn’t know how to proceed. With Marisa’s help, we managed to write the specifications book for our home addition in order to get accurate quotes and a more achievable time frame with our construction.

Corina & NickOwners

Marisa prepared a detailed RFP form for us and she tendered our project to a number of GCs. She provided an analysis of all the quotes received and helped us make an informed decision when selecting a General Contractor. We were extremely pleased with Marisa’s work. She gave us more confidence to start our project. She is very knowledgeable with the laws governing the construction industry. We highly recommend Marisa if you’re thinking of starting your construction project.

Corina & Nick


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